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Custom roof rack / mounting the Autohome

Roof racks can be pricey, and if you want a nice one it has the potential to get really expensive. I am building a rack that will fasten onto my truck bed cap. With access to a welder, I was able to make one with scrap metal that was lying around the shop. First, I cut pieces of 2″ angle iron and welded them together accordingly. I drilled holes for mounting on the cap, and holes for the cross bar.


Then I through bolted square stock aluminum (it is lighter weight) to the steel angle iron. I welded the thread of the bolt to the nut, so it cannot be removed.


I painted the roof rack with truck bed liner paint. This way it looks slick, and also has a rubber coating to protect it from the elements. IMG_1057

I cut rubber to act as a gasket, on the inside and outside, protecting the fiberglass cap.IMG_1063


Making this rack was extremely easy and cost effective. I paid for nothing except the paint, which was extra anyway. If I was to purchase a rack like this from Thule or Yakima, I would be spending between $300 – $500. My rack is way stronger than theirs…AND it is way cooler because I made it myself, and thats good for my street credit.


When I purchased the Autohome from some dude named Barry on Craigslist, he gave me some mounting hardware which seems to work great. He also gave me a pair of gloves for some reason.


So far this thing is sweet. It’s the same size as our queen size bed. IMG_1100