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Mattress don’t fit yo!


Oversized mattress, no problemo. Upon arriving at the Ikea, which is conveniently located between the NJ turnpike and the Newark airport, I came to realize that it was Fish and Chips Friday. I have never eaten here before, but I have heard that the food is amazing. I was able to fork over the $1.99, plus tax, for the meal. As I sat by the window and watched the planes land, I thought to myself, “Yes, this is amazing.” Forget all that, though, I am looking for a mattress that will fit in our Autohome Roof Tent. The tent is an odd size, so I found the closest size foam core mattress with the intention to cut it down to size. Yea it worked, and the price was right too. It was $180, and has a nice heavy duty cover that can be washed. So after much research, this is the the way to get the most comfort for your buck!