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Gear test phase 1

We bolted down the Autohome and headed to upstate NY (North and South Lake to be precise). It looked like rain, but that didn’t stop us.  After all, that is the whole reason for this test run. We are lacking plenty of gear for the trip, but we really just wanted to test out the Autohome and the truck bed cabinets.  The rain added an extra element. So, we picked up some Mahi burgers, beer, and headed for the mountains.


Yea, it rained on and off, and it was actually pretty hard at times. There was not much to do but eat, drink, talk, and go for a short walk. With that being said, the Autohome basically performed flawlessly. That thing stayed dry while we were sleeping, and not to mention, that it is really comfortable with the Ikea mattress i got for it.


As for the cabinets I built, those things were also awesome. We are able to hangout inside the truck while the other person cooks. The whole setup is great, and it will be more comfortable once we get a cushion for it. I did realize that there are several parts to the cabinets that can and should be removed. I want to cut down the weight of this thing in every possible area. I should have built it that way from the get go, but this whole build is trial and error anyway.


We were also able to tryout our Everest 2 burner propane stove. I went with this one because it got the best rating for heat control, and overall performance. Once I sank my teeth into those fish burgers i was glad i spent the extra $20 for the better stove.


The short trip was a success (except for the blue tarp). I am looking forward to getting the truck awning so we can ditch the blue tarp. Nothing spoils a nice view like a big blue plastic tarp waving in the wind.


Custom roof rack / mounting the Autohome

Roof racks can be pricey, and if you want a nice one it has the potential to get really expensive. I am building a rack that will fasten onto my truck bed cap. With access to a welder, I was able to make one with scrap metal that was lying around the shop. First, I cut pieces of 2″ angle iron and welded them together accordingly. I drilled holes for mounting on the cap, and holes for the cross bar.


Then I through bolted square stock aluminum (it is lighter weight) to the steel angle iron. I welded the thread of the bolt to the nut, so it cannot be removed.


I painted the roof rack with truck bed liner paint. This way it looks slick, and also has a rubber coating to protect it from the elements. IMG_1057

I cut rubber to act as a gasket, on the inside and outside, protecting the fiberglass cap.IMG_1063


Making this rack was extremely easy and cost effective. I paid for nothing except the paint, which was extra anyway. If I was to purchase a rack like this from Thule or Yakima, I would be spending between $300 – $500. My rack is way stronger than theirs…AND it is way cooler because I made it myself, and thats good for my street credit.


When I purchased the Autohome from some dude named Barry on Craigslist, he gave me some mounting hardware which seems to work great. He also gave me a pair of gloves for some reason.


So far this thing is sweet. It’s the same size as our queen size bed. IMG_1100

Mattress don’t fit yo!


Oversized mattress, no problemo. Upon arriving at the Ikea, which is conveniently located between the NJ turnpike and the Newark airport, I came to realize that it was Fish and Chips Friday. I have never eaten here before, but I have heard that the food is amazing. I was able to fork over the $1.99, plus tax, for the meal. As I sat by the window and watched the planes land, I thought to myself, “Yes, this is amazing.” Forget all that, though, I am looking for a mattress that will fit in our Autohome Roof Tent. The tent is an odd size, so I found the closest size foam core mattress with the intention to cut it down to size. Yea it worked, and the price was right too. It was $180, and has a nice heavy duty cover that can be washed. So after much research, this is the the way to get the most comfort for your buck!