Suspension in my kitchen



Roads in the states are maintained on the regular and built to last. A lot of the roads south of the boarder are either not paved or not maintained very well, which leads to a bumpy ride. With this in consideration as well as all the extra weight we will be carrying in the truck, the stock suspension is going to fail. We went with the OME full suspension kit with Daker leaf springs. This might be over kill, but we thought it would be a good idea to have a high end suspension for the 30,000 mile overlanding trip. Now i just have to get it on the truck somehow.

Can’t rely on the internet. Bringing back the foldable map.


We plan on camping most of the time during our trip, so internet will not be readily available. Bringing up to date maps and travel guides and a compass will give us the confidence and info to travel to more remote places and essentilly see more sites. Im looking forward to getting away from the internet and practicing more of the old school way of travel. Yes of course we are bringing a laptop, and yes we have done and will continue to spend countless hours online researching for this trip, but checking email all day and watching facebook drama unfold will be a thing of the past.


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