The Plan

Our plan is to drive from New Jersey  to Argentina, in our Toyota Tacoma.  Along the way we will camp, fish, surf, and reconnect with a simpler way of life.

This is an Overlanding adventure.  Never heard the term Overlanding?  Refer to the following page for a comprehensive definition, as put together by Scott Brady at Expedition Portal:

Our Possible Route


Because of the Darien Gap we will ship the truck from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia in a shipping container. Meanwhile we take a sailboat.


24 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. You should look up Mrs. Fredell’s relatives – her whole family lives in Columbia. Also, I hope you wind your way up to Brazil! Rebeca’s whole family is there.

    1. Hi Anne- We are uncertain if Brazil is in the cards, at this time. We will most likely be making it to Columbia. I am very interested in Medellin. Perhaps, I will contact Erika before we depart. Thank you for following.

  2. Once you get deep in the south of South America, are you going to drive back up to North America? or sell the truck and fly home? Will Lupe be doing any of the driving?

    1. Hi Tom- We are not entirely sure. We will probably sell the truck and fly home, or ship the truck to Miami (from Buenos Aires). I am sure Lupe will have permanent shotgun while I am in the backseat 🙂
      Keep following! We hope to see you on the road.

  3. Hey Dean~glad we got to see you and Sara yesterday, before your departure. Safe travels! We will be following your journey! xoxo

  4. Great plan guys, I love it!

    By the way, it’s spelled “Colombia” not “Columbia”. Feel free to delete my comment. Not trying to be an arse, but I thought you might want to know!

  5. I am a JC resident and drove to Argentina in 1997 in Volks vanagon. Puerto Coco Solo in Colon, Panama had old style ships with cargo holds that motored between Colon and Cartagena back then. I had my van welded to deck of ship with chains and made it Colombia that way. I rode on deck in my vehicle. Not sure if this is still possible, but worth a shot if you are patient. It took us a week or so to find a ride. You can wait in Puerto Viejo or Isla Grande in Panama in mean time. Don’t miss El Salvador, I lived there a couple of years and the people are the best and the beaches aren’t half bad either. I sold my van in Paraguay-that was the only country where it was possible. I entered through from the Entre Rios in Argentina to Foz do Iguazo into Ciudad del Este. I sold van in Ausucion for a profit. Good luck.

    1. Hey Joel, that sounds awesome (welding your van to the ship). Would love to hear your stories of traveling the Pan-American Highway pre-internet explosion. Im sure back then it was an entire different story with gathering info and reading about places to visit. We got to El Salvador yesterday, and today we are surfing. So far this place is a gem. Thanks for reading the blog. Dean, Sara, Lupe.

  6. All the best on this wonderful journey! We’re hoping to do a similar one soon but it just depends on where we are as a family then. Our trip will be a little shorter thought since we’re thinking about just South America (Cartegena – Sao Paulo)… I would love to chat more whenever or should ever you make it back to JC since we live around the corner from Dixon Mills 🙂 Vaya con Dios!

    1. Thanks Errol, You might be surprised how many families are traveling via automobile through Central and south America. I cant reccomend this trip enough. Dont hesitate to contact us if you need any traveling info. Thanks for reading the blog… Dean, Sara, Lupe

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