Taco 2 unleashed


Here sits the new Taco parked across 2 handicapped parking spaces. Although this was not my first choice for a 1st generation Toyota 4runner it’s what I happened to find. The overcast clouds are as blue as the paint job, and the money I put into it so far is almost what I paid for it. The frame is straight and the rust is very minimal. The inside needs to be cleaned, I’m just waiting for a warmer day so the Armor All doesn’t freeze. Right now its solid and needs nothing major except a catchy nickname, any suggestions? I can only hope one day it takes us to Mexico.

New tires, water pump, timing belt, timing belt pulley & seals, head gasket, crankshaft seal, oil change and new floor mats from Kmart.

1989 Toyota 4runner

6 cyl automatic

3.0 L

127,000 miles



5 thoughts on “Taco 2 unleashed”

  1. She looks fine. So what about…
    Tacotia? or Tacotio , the fem is better

    Tacomio? My Taco, Si?

    Tacomama? Sara’s tribute to Lupe.

  2. I love it! Of course I have an affinity to old school 4-runners. Rocked a 1987 for over a decade & it’s still going strong according to the new owners. All I can say is thankfully you got a 6-cylinder as ours was affectionately named the “4-putter”. But she will get ya where you need to go.
    Love following along with you guys, truly inspirational.
    To many, many more miles!
    Jes Striker

    1. Thanks Jes Striker, The 4runner was in questionable condition when we purchased it, but now after some work we are feeling good about the whole thing. Thanks for following, more to come…

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