Welcome to Ecuador


We arrived yesterday, drove south of the equator last night, then drove north of the equator today, the we go south of the equator again when we leave Mompiche. I guess the route we took to the beach was not too direct, but when gas is only $1.48 a gallon who really cares…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Ecuador”

  1. Sara: I have been following your adventures since you left and I have to give you and Dean a lot of credit for what you are doing. You are both very special. I thought you would find this interesting. This past week I sold a machine that was in Asuncion, Paraguay. The machine was loaded into a shipping container on Wednesday and will be making its way down river to a coastal port before it is loaded onto a ship. It will eventually be delivered to a customer in Montreal. Stay safe. K&J


    1. Thanks for following and we appreciate the compliments. Just curious, did you arrange the shipping container from Paraguay? When we organized and shipped our truck, its was quite the process, not easy by and means. Was it difficult for you?

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