5 thoughts on “Costa Rica Video !!!”

  1. Dean (and Sarah, even though I don’t know you). When I first saw your new video, I thought, okay, they are breathing, they have exhaled and they have found peace. But, as the video went on, it became more frantic. Maybe if you leave the graffiti behind, you can gear down and feel freer. I don’t in any way mean to be confrontational, but perhaps leaving your ego behind and not pushing your art in public, could free you. Whether the graffiti was commissioned or not, of course, I cannot not say and I can only hope that that particular drawing on someone’s property was their desire. But if you have ever been a vandal on a property, no wave can ever wash that away, only a walk back in time and a repayment of some “kind”. I haven’t got a hair to hang my judgements on; it is just a hunch to your personality which I only see on video. I am willing to accept the fact that I am totally off base regarding the graffiti issue, and I welcome your discussion regarding this, whether on line or here, in Asheville. I doubt, Dean, you even remember me from your childhood so we would have a weird beginning. This reply comes with much love which only adds to the ocean of love that surrounds you. Mary Ann

  2. You two amaze me. I love your spirit, your work, your intentions. Its all very inspiring, and so glad i was able to share some of these moments. DK why the chick was so freaked out about your art…ok so you left your mark…the taco was here. And that just added to the local color. Love you guys.

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