Mexico: A Reflection


I remember the day we crossed.  The feeling of nervousness.  A sense of uncertainty about this new place with it’s curious smells.  Driving down Baja, heading South, the roads becoming increasingly narrow, winding through a barren cacti-strewn landscape.   We camp alone at pristine settings composed of red-tinted mountains and deep marine hued water.  The days are slow, the sun is hot, and most hours are spent in self-reflection. We continue to explore deeper into the country, venturing across the Gulf, a freighter chugging diesel through the night.

There are many wonderful meals eaten, recipes discovered, fish caught, and street food enjoyed.  Friends are made, moments are shared. I recall full moon parties, party waves, dog parties, and all that goodness. The late nights of conversations, storytelling, and laughter. So much laughter. We explored new towns, cities, villages, markets, beaches, and sites of the archeological type.  There are markets with meats.  So much meat.  But, what about the avocados, mangos, limes, and papayas. One must include warm, hand-pressed tortillas, and the spicy flavorful soups.  We discovered the warmth of people, richness of a culture as expressed in the vibrancy of their art, music, food, and dance.  There were waves to be surfed, and surf to be reflected upon.  We stared at the ocean for hours on end and the days just seemed to melt away. Adios Mexico. I will really miss you.

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