Our New Facebook… dont sleep on this one!


We were having some technical difficulties with our old sardinetco facebook account, so we started a new one. So if your interested in glancing inside our lives as overlanding vagabonds throughout North, Central and South America please peep and follow our new facebook page. CLICK THE LINK https://www.facebook.com/sardinetaco32

2 thoughts on “Our New Facebook… dont sleep on this one!”

  1. Good Morning Bud, I am not a member of facebook. Does this mean I will no longer get your blogs? I am not a social media person. I guess you might say I am an anti-social-media person. I Remain, J.M.

  2. Dean, I guess you are going to have to give your Dad a call from tint to time! Lol! I love his anti-socialist attitude!

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