Colorado Floods


We have been staying with friends in Boulder and Longmont since last Tuesday, before the floods. When we arrived the locals were dumbfounded by all the rain, but us being from NJ and recently living in Portland, OR, found it to be normal. Little did everyone know, this storm was going down in history. The media first labeled it as the 100 year storm, then the 500 year storm, and I even caught wind of a rumored 1000 year storm, but who the hell knows. The flood resulted in loss of life, a bunch of missing people, and everything is still a complete mess. And while some people are attempting to get back to their routine and it seems like a thing of the past, there are others who will unfortunately be dealing with the repercussions for quite a while.


After work on Friday, my friend Kevin and I left the job site early to head back to Longmont from Boulder. We were half a mile from his house and the roads were all blocked. The river was rising quickly and we were about to get trapped in the WalMart section of town. The authorities were telling us that we cannot walk across the bridge, nevermind drive a vehicle across it. The bridge was not covered with water yet, but they informed us that a gasline had broke so no one would be allowed to cross. In these kind of situations, you have to take matters in your own hands.  We grabbed the bottled water we had just purchased, ran across the bridge, and hiked home. Once we arrived, we explained the situation to Sara and it was decided that we would head back to rescue the truck (which was parked close to the river in prime flood zone). The three of us jumped on a few bicycles and headed for the truck! It was a total scene from “The Goonies”. When we arrived at the bridge, we were surprised to find that it was covered with heavy flowing water. It was up to the peddles and flowing quickly. Kevin was not stopping, and Sara followed. When I rode through the moving water I could feel the current was dangerous and was hit with a sense of relief when I arrived safely on the other side. We got in the truck and drove past the cops (who were blocking the road), sending rooster tails of water shooting out from the tires onto the onlooking crowd. We made it! If we did not pick up the truck it would have been underwater. After we made it  back to the house, we laughed at our stupidity, but had a general sense of relief (no regrets). Soon after the episode, that bridge (and the surrounding land) was turned into a heavy flowing lake. It was underwater for days, suffering severe damage.


Our hearts go out to all that suffered through this tragedy. We watched people loose their homes once again. We were in Jersey city during Sandy, and this storm definitely reminded us of that.

9 thoughts on “Colorado Floods”

  1. So that story about the truck rescue made me nervous (I’m sure it won’t be the only post to make me nervous during this adventure). I’m glad you are okay.

    1. Haha. I told Dean that I had a vision of being that person on the News that is floating down the river. I assessed the situation and deemed it safe (in a split second) 🙂

  2. I forgot Kevin was out there in Colorado, good to see that photo of him. Hi Kevin! I was worried about you guys getting trapped on the way to boulder after I saw the news. Glad everything is ok.

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