Our first 1300 miles


Ok people, so here is the latest update. I am sure some of you are wondering where we are, and what we have been up to. We have been on the road for a week and we have traveled approximately 1,300 miles. I am currently sitting in a fold-out chair, on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina (within the Great Smoky Mountains). Our travels have been pretty good, so far. Once we said our final farewells to family and friends in Connecticut and NY State, we headed South.


The first night there were issues finding a place to camp, and spending money on a campground was out of the question considering how we pride ourselves on frugal living, so we decided to drive to our friend Beaners place in New Hope, Pennsylvania. This visit was anything but uneventful. Once we were greeted by an intoxicated Beaner and his friend Chunk, we had to control Lupe ( Lupe has issues intoxicated people, as do many dogs and people). They meant well and we were all able to get the situation under control.

The Bean is always a good time

Beaner instisted that we hit the town, and who are we to deny an invite. Beaner is a great host and seemed to know everybody in town, so having him as a sidekick was a pretty good time. As we went to our first destination and cracked open a few PBR’s, seconds later an older fellow in the resturant collapsed. Within moments the ambulance arrived on the scene.  We recieved word the old chap didn’t make it (may he rest in peace). This was a reminder to us all that life is short, make it count, and do what makes you happy.

dinosaur in New Hope, PA

Next , we got some food, had some more drinks at some local establishments, met more locals, discussed our trip with people and had some dinosaur rides. We slept on Beans couch and departed the next morning after a delicious breakfast at Fred’s. We are thankful to Beaner for a great evening and his gracious hospitality.  New Hope was a great way to begin our trip!

campsite on the Ohio Chesapeake canal, Maryland

We then found a campsite on the Maryland West Virginia border and set up shop for the night. The truck setup worked well, the food we cooked was tasty, and we slept sound on the banks of the Potomac. The next morning we rose early and hit the road, driving through the Shenandoah Mountains via Skyline Drive.  After taking in the views and snapping some flicks, we headed to Staunton,Virginia to Uncle Pat and Aunt Sue’s for a short, but sweet visit. We were greeted warmly, ate a delicious meal, were provided with a tour of the beautiful and historic downtown, discussed the Buddah, gained a little enlightenment, and then departed. Thank you Pat and Sue for your hospitality!

Skyline drive in the Shenandoah Mountains
Skyline drive in the Shenandoah Mountains

Next, it was onto Asheville, North Carolina. We walked the city a little, had a couple slices of pizza at the Magic Mushroom, saw plenty of freaks, then headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains to set up camp for the night.

Once we found a campsite, we did the usual thing, then planned a hike for the next day. We woke up and watched the sunrise, ate breakfast did a hike, and then headed to the Smokey Mountains. As pleasant as this all is, I think we might B-line it to Boulder Colorado soon to meet up with some friends for a bit and discuss the next leg of this adventure. Personally I am itching to get to the coast where we can surf and fish. We’ve been all around the USA over the years so its really nothing new to us. The sooner we cross the boarder into Mexico the better in my opinion.

15 thoughts on “Our first 1300 miles”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thank you for the up-date. We appreciate your keeping in touch. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Be safe.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like Lupe enjoyed the mountains. Love reading about your adventures, so keep up the good work with the posts. Drive safely! Wondering where you are camping tonight…xo

    1. Thanks for follwong Kate, and thank you for your support in our preperation process. We will be in California probably early to mid October. I hope NYC is treating you well. Miss you. XO

  3. Dean and Sara…..you are certainly living life outside the box……some one once said that not traveling is like nver turn ing the page in a book……I love the spirit in both of of you….your blog is great..tell me about your dog………be safe..love u much au ntie

    1. Thanks for following. We appreciate your kind words and support. Lupe is doing great. I will probably write a blog entry about her soon. Stay in touch and we will too. Love you.

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